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protesters, to see what's at stake. the big bet by california that's only starting to pay off. and a deputy accused in a bank robbery faces the judge, the reason why this case might be soon on the move. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00.  >> good evening, it's monday, november 26, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. well, happening now, the search for a new police chief in san jose, city leaders with holding the first in a series of meetings seeking input from the public as it considers a replacement for police chief chris moore, who's leaving the post in mid-january. the meeting started just a few minutes ago, former police chief says that hiring a new chief in the current political and economic climate won't be an easy task.
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>> san jose is the least- staffed police department in the country. you've got a demoralized police force and the immediate future looks pretty bad fiscallily. >> today, the san jose police officers association said that official candidates have not been named but two names that keep surfacing, are fresno chief jerry dire, and jeff brazil. the next meeting it is scheduled for wednesday night. we do have a crew inside tonight's meeting. he'll with have more for you on 10:00 news. other police.agencies need reinforcements, option that may have you reaching for your resume. a san francisco deputy accused of robbed a bank appeared before court today. david explains why he remains free until his case is heard. >> reporter: san francisco's deputy phillip chun tong headed
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into court this afternoon. police say that the 36-year-old pacifica have not the man seen in this picture taken at a bank of america branch on balboa street. fingerprints on a note led to his arrest. he posted $150,000 bail. >> first of all we have a problem with prison overcrowding. with realignment, we have more people in the jails. unless someone is proven to be a danger, something else, they're going to be bail. >> reporter: he was alreadyed to surrender his passport, his guns, and to stay away from the teller which he robbed. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted, a fellow deputy patted tong's shoulder as he left the courtroom. >> he could >> he could be transferred to
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another county. he could have interacting with the judges in some way. >> reporter: tong inclined to speak with us outside the courtroom. >> he will prove his innocence outside of the cot. >> reporter: he's due back in court on september 17th. david stevenson, ktvu news. >> a the search is on for two armed men who held up the joyeria on story road near king road about 10:15. police say the men walked into the store wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts. at some point, a man fired at the store owner, she returned fire, and then the owner chased the men from the store. >> well, we have officers looking for witnesses, others are searching for video, possibly helping us in the investigation and we also have officers canvassing the area
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looking for possible suspects. >> nobody was hurt, the investigators say that the men ran from the scene without taking anything. at this point police have not been able to find them. a 14-year-old girl was struck by a pickup truck today while riding her bike at redwood city. the bike made a right turn from jefferson avenue to alameda, and the girl attended woodside high school and the accident is under investigation, and the driver is said to be cooperating with police. new at 7:00, teachers are protesting a stolen contract negotiations. janet has been talking to them today, what's at stake here? >> reporter: gasia, they left that sign behind, bottom line, this is a battle over health care benefits. >> new contract, right now! >> reporter: out of the
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classroom and onto the streets, about 200 elementary and high school teachers retailed outside of the evergreen school district office. >> as teachers, we feel disrespected, you feel saddened about the way that the superintendent has been treating us. >> reporter: after six negotiation sessions, the school called an impasse, and called for a meeting. the main is that the school wants to cap the benefits forcing them to pay out of pocket without an increase in salary. >> we haven't received a raise or anything extra in several years and yet our workload is increasing, the number of student coming our classrooms is increasing. >> and it's really depressing to see things taken away from our end, but nothing taken from their end, the district's end. >> reporter: the district superintendent says that it's one of the few that pays all
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benefits. >> if we were to give them what they are asking, we would not be able to to maintain programs like we have. >> reporter: the superintendent kathy gomez says that the district has already made cuts, library hours, and eliminating custodial positions. >> we really need to balance the lives of the employees with the needs of the students. >> reporter: there is no date set for the next negotiation. it's expected to be some time in mid-september, or early january, live in san jose, janet katayama, ktvu news. >> the news ordinance goes into effect allowing airport staff and biologists to fire gunshots to birds to scare them off of the runways. flocks of birds pose series danger to aircraft because birds can fly into engines.
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new video now of a parag rin falcon being cared for now after being shot. this afternoon, x-rays confirmed the young male falcon was shot with a pellet gun, the bird is being treated with antibiotics and is now in stable condition. the california department of fish and game has been notified about the shooting. starting tonight homeless people have a new place to go to get out of the cold. the -- it's one of three facilities opening their doors tonight to give homeless people a warm, safe place to sleep. the guard national armory, and the bicardo, also open tonight. >> new studies suggest that -- researchers looked at federal figures and found the number of
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children treat for injuries rose by almost 15%. the -- and safer usage to cut in number of injuries. the study was published in the earlier pediatrics. state senate leland announced to -- yi, a democrat from san francisco, turned. he'd been running to replace debra bowwen, the, he authored a recent law enabling californians to register online, more than 1 million people registered online across the state for the november 6th election. the u.s. congress returned from its holiday realize today, to look over the so-called fiscal cliff. some existing tax cuts will expire. that could slow the economy or even move it back into recession. up until now, republicans have
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been unwilling to consider raising taxes, something that democrats say has to change. >> as president eisenhower says, there will have to be compromises and seeking the middle of this rote isn't just acceptable, it's the only way forward. >> most republicans signed a pledge to never raise taxes, but gop law makers say that now they'll have to put that pledge aside for the good of the nation. on wall street, the markets.finished mixed, nasdaq gained nine, apple leading the way up 8%. shareholders. some analysts had suggested that investigators are underestimate's facebook's growth potential from ad revenue. the stock gained 8% today but is still well below its public offering price. six months ago, the company went public with an ipo price of $38 a share.
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securities and exchange commission. walters who's a democrat serves as a democrat, she takes over for mary shapiro, shapiro leaves next month in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. the president needs to nominate a permanent successor. vandals spray painted a vietnam memorial. the public works department said it received a report of the vandalism at newwall park. but a few hours emery -- the public works department got another call and crews made a second trip this isn't the first time that that memorial has been targeted. vandals chilled the plaque off two years ago. >> the state of aims to rake in more revenue on this cyber monday because you will be paying taxes on the things you buy, but only sometimes. >> and a sudden turn around for cash-strapped law enforcement agencies, the new job option and the starting salaries.
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>> wet, windy weather is coming to the bay area, when the next series of storms will arrive.
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>> the preliminary figures are in and this cyber monday is turning out to be the biggest online shopping day in history. the research firm com score estimates that online shoppers spent up to hundred manifest million dollars. and it reflects the highest number that com score started tracking back in 2001. >> i tried to stick to the name brands so that i know what i'm buying. especially if i'm not going to see it. so if i'm just looking at a picture online, it's definitely name brand. >> sales for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were up 10% from one year ago. this was the first cyber
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monday where online stores are collecting sales taxes. not all. >> reporter: if you need a tiki must go, a tiki statue, and there are more kinds. talk to lauren lunson. he owns swansberg, and he supported the law to require online retailers like to do the same. joining it's unfair competition. but the law that. >> reporter: only affects. some of the and at most only about 200 such businesses have been identified by the state. >> we want folks to know that not all out of state retail issues who are doing business online are required to collect tax. >> reporter: so a camera sold for $600 on amazon could inabout your 60% sales tax, but
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you would not pay sales tax at, who doesn't take tax. the state says that if you don't pay state taxes online, then you owe an use tax that you file on your taxes, which you need to do. >> i think you need to do it nationally, actually. >> reporter: since september, the state that collected less than $20 million from this so- called amazon tax, and one board of equalization says that as one of the 200 members that have been identified as applying to this tax, few have done so. >> the federal government took steps to protect cyber shoppers by cracking down on internet counterfeiters, immigration and customs agencies shut down 100 web sites. officials say that they were seeing count fit goings, and they, fail to fill the order at
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all. new york city congressional leaders are preparing to appeal to the federal government for help to pay for the billions of dollars in damage from superstorm sandy. governor around komo says that the state has already run up a 48 billion-dollar tab from the storm. it says the state can't afford it and needs the aid. the bulk is -- preventive measures. federal mediators are stepping in to help with the labor dispute. talks between the players union approximate the nhl has led to the lock out and the cancelation of the first two and a half months. the sharks are scheduled to resume on -- nhl could be in germantown if the two sides can't work out impasses on player contracts and revenue sharing. the c.h.p. says that this thanksgiving weekend was markedly deadlier than past years. ten people died from we knew evening to last night midnight.
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and that's compared to two in the same period last year. both on. and that's up from 32 deaths in the same period in 2011. ten of those killed in freeway debts were not wearing seatbelts. someone anonymously returned a cell phone to a grieving mother in sacramento county this weekend, whoever left the phone was near the spot where a truck hit and killed him. someone stole the phone from her car last week while she was visiting the memorial, she blew he haded to get it back because it contained the last picture that she took of her son. if you've ever been interested in the career of law enforcement, paul chambers talks about why if you want to apply, act fast. >> reporter: but now, they need your help. >> we're looking for highly motivated individuals, people interested in a career in law enforcement who will be able to serve, not only c.h.p.
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but our community. >> reporter: chp is hiring stayed wide. they will begin biam put only for two days. some basic requirements: a high school diploma, or ged -- but that's just the beginning. >> once you've fulfilled that minimum requirement and you pass the academy after 27 weeks, you graduate to field training status. >> reporter: san francisco police are also hiring, today, they start accepting applications online, zoo we're down be three hundred officers from our city charter mandate and we're planning to hire overview the next several years. >> there was so interest this morning that sfpd's web site -- their starting salary is $88 million a year -- it has some.
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>> and northeast a high school diploma, or equivalent. >> oakland and san jose police department are also hiring. now there is this is a big change. many police departments were laying apple off. >> stanford head football coach david shaw today reached the top honor. he was named the top 12 pac ten coach of the year, guiding the cardinals to a ten and two record. he becomes the fourth football coach to win consecutive coach of the year awards this season. after a 5,000 miles from colorado. a crane lifted the 65-foot angle man spruce into the came capital. the tree will be decorated with five. >> 49ers play their final season at contacting stick, just ahead, how your ahead, you
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may not be able to tell by looking outside, but it is shaping up to be a wet week. meteorologist mary rowswood tells us about when to expect those storms? >> and if you're on the go, you can still watch ktvu newscast on live on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, get the app or go to [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> dense fog caused significant delays and delayed a handful of flights. about ten depart can and arriving flights were delayed. they were delayed on average about 75 minutes on a thing. if depending advisories were in effect for all bay area brilliance. except for the dun barton. fog cleared back to the coast, though by mid-morning. rose mary is here. >> we will wake up with a little bit of fog not as widespread but we will continue with this pattern for one more morning, and then once we get past the, wet weather will soon approach. giving you a look at the current temperatures outside our door right now, 40s to mid 50s, so already cooling off out
7:24 pm
there, 55 in observable, 46 in napa, as well as fairfield, a look at the satellite radar, so we have clouds already, approaching the area, this will help us out through the morning hours and we'll wake up partly to mostly cloudy, but that will hopefully help out with the fog that we've been experiencing the last couple of days, and the southeasterly flow. if i back it up just a little bit, this is the first of a series of storms that will really keep us wet starting wednesday and on and off, it looks like through the weekend. we are with partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies, tomorrow morning, we are already turning mostly cloudy, and look, even a little bit of drizzle possibility. we'll kind of have a camera bay before the storm on wednesday morning, and we wake up wet, not only are we wet, we're windy. it's going to be quite a mess
7:25 pm
out there, we do watch, actually, it turned out dry actually, once again, here is wednesday afternoon and we're looking at good weather for the evening drive home. so this is some good news because we are looking at quite a bit of rain in the next few days so for tomorrow morning, we'll start with a little bit of fog. clouds will be increasing throughout the afternoon. the first system is going to bring us rain and wind first thing monday morning with multiple storms to follow. so to be aware of this the next -- inch of rain expected over the bay area, 1-2 inches of rain for the mountains and snow levels will be above 6,000 feet with little to no accumulation expected. tomorrow morning, .40s in the. forty safe we had wood step. as we get into the afternoon, seasonal, a bit, cool, but right where we should be for this time of the year. there is your extended
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forecast, if you have anything to do outdoors, tomorrow may be the best time to do it because once past tuesday, we've got wet weather in store of on and off. low 60s for the most of this afternoon, gasia? thank you, rose mary. the 49ers are asking for fans to vote for their top team moments at candle stick park as the team prepares to move to a new stadium in 2014. fans can choose from moments like the thrilling playoff game pence the -- we'll see you the next time that news breaks, i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and tonight we're in san jose where the search for a new police chief is drawing feedback from the public right now, keep in mind we're always here for you at and t.m.z. is up next, right here on tv
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